Featured Innovation : A-Plant PowerCube

Costain approved and trialled A-Plant's PowerCube innovation submitted via our Supply Chain Innovation Portal for one week on UKPN project at Gayton.


Fuel Saving706 litres
Emissions Reduction1,870 kgCO2e
Cost Saving after rental costs£ 202
Project Yearly Saving£ 10,504

97,240 kgCO2e

Main Features

  • Portable, Self-contained energy pod
  • Stores & delivers clean, silent power
  • When site load is low, generator switches off and PowerCube can power the site
- 16kVA                        - 32kWh stored energy 
- Zero Emissions               - Zero noise    
- Remote Monitoring Available

Costain currenty has 14 60kVa+ generators on hire. A PowerCube for each would lead to significant Fuel, Carbon and Cost savings.

Fuel Saving513,684 litres/year
Emissions Reduction1,362.36 tCO2e/year
Cost Saving£ 147,100/year

Costain would have to generate £5.9m revenue to earn the £ savings in profit!

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